Convergence Newsletter September 2022

10/06/2022A Monthly Newsletter from the Romero Institute

Romero Review

A letter from the leaders of the Romero Institute

Romero Report

Current events, new perspectives on history, and more

In this episode of the Romero Report, Romero President Daniel Sheehan discusses some of the other important bills that were passed in California this year to demonstrate the scale of action that is being taken here. He also shares some of the recent accomplishments of the Romero team.

Romero Reads

Highlighting important writings from around the world

For this month’s reading, I wanted to share this relatively brief but informative summary of the United Farmworker Movement and its leaders Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta - the same Dolores Huerta who helped us pass SB 1230 at the age of 92! Understanding this important chapter in history brings a greater appreciation for the intergenerational struggle for justice, and the impact small, dedicated groups of people can have on the world. I hope learning about these extraordinary activists can inspire you to carry on their spirit in your everyday life. Onward!


Project Updates

The news from the front

The Let’s Green CA! team has been busy keeping up with the whirlwind end to this year’s legislative session, as well as preparing for the upcoming November elections. Be sure to follow LGCA on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get updates and news about California climate action!

It's time to get out the Native Vote in 2022! Through our innovative Oceti Vote Fest on Oct. 22-23 in Rapid City, SD and live streaming online, we're getting tribal nations together and to the polls. It's an exciting, first-of-its kind event of 3-on-3 basketball, music festival, hand games competition, and singing contest, co-produced by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Lakota People’s Law Project. Other partners are Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, and Thunder Valley CDC. We hope you’ll join us! You can also take action by sending a letter calling to protect voting rights for Native Americans and other People of Color, just in time for the November election.

Additional Resources

Interesting and noteworthy finds


If you are curious about what holistic plans for building a better California actually look like, dig into the Romero Institute’s two policy proposals: our California Green New Deal Framework and Electrify California Plan. The first document lays out one approach to transitioning the entire state to a circular economy rooted in equity and sustainability, and the latter focuses more tightly on two of our biggest sources of emissions, transportation and buildings. Throughout both is woven our commitment to creating systemic solutions to injustice, and on elevating those who have been most marginalized and oppressed.


For more on the other important bills that were passed in California this year, CalMatters has you covered. From oil well setbacks to protecting transgender youth to new ways of building affordable housing, the Golden State Legislature is back in action after two years of COVID chaos and this article breaks down some of the most impactful laws that were (and weren’t) passed this session.

Thanks for reading! Join us again next month, and please follow us on social channels @RomeroInstitute for up-to-date coverage of our justice work.

- Sara Nelson, Danny Sheehan, and the rest of the Convergence team

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