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08/30/2022A Monthly Newsletter from the Romero Institute

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In this episode of the Romero Report, join Danny Sheehan as he shares some exciting recent updates from the Institute’s different projects, including signing with a major production company to tell the story of our predecessor organization, the Christic Institute, in a new television series, submitting legal briefs on both the Indian Child Welfare Act and the ongoing crimes of the oil industry, and the passage of our transportation equity bill, SB 1230, through the California Legislature.

Romero Reads

Highlighting important writings from around the world

For this month’s Romero Reads, I wanted to share a wonderful resource written by the people at Rewiring America, a fellow nonprofit organization dedicated to making it easy for everyone to go electric in their lives. Their Electrify Everything in Your Home Guide is a step-by-step walkthrough of what clean electric technologies are available for each part of your home and how you can save money and shrink your pollution footprint by going electric. A great primer for getting a head start on the upcoming IRA home retrofit programs! -- S.N.

Project Updates

The news from the front

Our Let’s Green CA! initiative, in partnership with the Dolores Huerta Foundation, is on the cusp of passing its first piece of legislation into law! Clean car equity bill SB 1230 will streamline California’s existing clean car incentive programs into a single application and web portal and make incentive dollars available at the point of sale: a critical change for low-income customers. The bill is heading to Gov. Newsom’s desk soon: please send a message to the Governor encouraging him to sign SB 1230 and accelerate California’s equitable clean car revolution today!

As the legislative session comes to a close, Let’s Green CA! is also working in partnership with a coalition of environmental justice allies to end oil drilling in California neighborhoods by passing SB 1137. This critical bill to enact setbacks of more than a half mile in between oil drilling and vulnerable communities needs our support: take action for SB 1137 today.

Right now, conservative states and fossil fuel lawyers intend to dismantle Indigenous rights and sovereignty by overturning the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) via a majority conservative Supreme Court. Please join us in asking President Biden to take immediate action — up to and including an Executive Order — protecting Native children and sovereignty. Federal agencies must allocate funding, dedicate human resources, and empower Native nations to create tribally-run child welfare programs and maintain our right to self-determination.

Additional Resources

Interesting and noteworthy finds


The Federal Climate Package: LGCA's Take

For another perspective on the Inflation Recovery Act, head over to the LGCA blog to read the team's analysis and discussion of what this bill means for us.


IRA Savings Calculator

Curious to see what the Inflation Reduction Act could do for you? Here’s another resource from Rewiring America that lets you calculate how much free money you could get for home energy retrofits and a new clean car!


Why go electric?

We’re not the only ones convinced electrification is the future for a sustainable economy. Check out these three articles from RMI, NRDC, and Yale about why we need to cut out fossil fuels from our lives.

Thanks for reading! Join us again next month, and please follow us on social channels @RomeroInstitute for up-to-date coverage of our justice work.

- Sara Nelson, Danny Sheehan, and the rest of the Convergence team

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