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Become a foundational supporter of the Romero Institute — home of Lakota People’s Law Project and Let’s Green CA! As a Romero member, you’ll have an avenue to realize the values you hold dear and illuminate the path to a healthy and just future for us all.

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Romero members are the heart of our organization. When you join our family, you’ll receive acknowledgement in our Annual Report, access to exclusive online member events, biannual strategic briefings, access to all projects’ membership programs, and an exclusive Romero Institute lapel pin. Flame of Hope and Luminary Council members also receive listings on our website and special invitations to engage, in-person, with our leaders.

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Circle of Unity
$1,000 yearly

Lay the foundation for a sustainable world and a healthy future.

Omega of Resistance
$10,000 yearly

Secure the stability to implement lasting change.

Flame of Hope
$25,000 yearly

Provide the freedom to manifest our visionary programs.

Luminary Council
$100,000 yearly

Create an enduring legacy by partnering in Romero’s strategic vision.

Luminary Council

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