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Romero Review

A letter from the leaders of the Romero Institute

The Vatican Disavowed the Doctrine of Discovery. It’s Not Enough.

“The Doctrine of Discovery is the reason Native people were rounded up and herded onto reservations. Using its supposition of European Christian superiority as justification, American settlers planned and largely successfully executed our demise from the very inception of the United States of America. When the founding fathers crafted their own identities and formed a new, distinct, and separate political entity, they did so under the ‘legal’ auspices of the Doctrine of Discovery.”

— Chase Iron Eyes and Tokata Iron Eyes

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Romero Report

Current events, new perspectives on history, and more

As a part of Chase Iron Eyes’ legal defense, Lakota Law entered into the public record a comprehensive database of #NoDAPL media, interviews with expert witnesses, depositions from law enforcement, and footage from the Lakota Law team. Lakota Law continues to add to this rich database with materials from Line3, the Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance, and more. In this video, Chase talks about how students and librarians at Loyola University of Chicago are helping to organize this definitive collection of video and transcript materials into an important historical archive that will be accessed by schools and tribal institutions for generations to come.

Romero Update

The latest news from Romero Institute and its programs

Dan Sheehan was invited to speak at the Living Expo in Marin this month, where he outlined why we are in a “Cosmic Moment.” The UFO issue has been systematically discredited and covered up since the 1940s, and now the New York Times, the Pentagon, and the Congress are openly acknowledging that there are sophisticated Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon on our planet that are not “ours, not the Russians, and not the Chinese.” Romero has been approached to begin an investigation into an important aspect of this new chapter in human consciousness, and we will bring you up to date in our next Convergence!

Romero Reads

Highlighting important writings from around the world

Read the “Joint Statement of the Dicasteries for Culture and Education and for Promoting Integral Human Development on the 'Doctrine of Discovery’” as issued by the Vatican on March 30, 2023.

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