Convergence Newsletter July 2022

07/26/2022A Monthly Newsletter from the Romero Institute

Romero Review

A letter from the leaders of the Romero Institute

Tell our elected leaders to reject nuclear power

Both the Biden Administration and California Governor Gavin Newsom have recently released statements signaling a renewed interest in new investments in nuclear power plants, and in keeping old facilities like California’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant open past their planned shutdown dates. Send letters to them today demanding they reject nuclear power as unsafe, unsustainable, and uneconomical, and double down on real climate solutions like renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency.

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Romero Report

Current events, new perspectives on history, and more

In this episode of the Romero Report, join Danny Sheehan as he charts out the path forward after last month's devastating Supreme Court rulings. Watch above to hear about:

  • How to respond to the SC rulings
  • The role of Congress
  • The importance of the Jan. 6th investigation
  • Exercising your rights as a citizen

Romero Reads

Highlighting important writings from around the world

For this month's Romero Reads, I'd like to share with you two papers that cogently lay out more details of the arguments for and against nuclear power. The first is from researchers at universities in Norway, Switzerland, Norway, and Italy, and is both an informative technical background on nuclear as well as a metastudy (a "study of studies") looking at past research into its applicability across the world. The second is written by Dr. Arjun Makhijani, the president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, and digs more into the history of nuclear power and some of its lesser-known drawbacks. These papers are a good starting point for your own investigation into this tricky form of energy production. -- S.N.

Project Updates

The news from the front

This month at Let’s Green CA! we’re calling on Governor Newsom to step up and be the climate champion California and the nation need in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling limiting the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon emissions. While the Court has dealt a blow to climate action, California has many ways to overcome this and other roadblocks - we just need the political will to make things happen.

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Recently, the owner of two hotels and a sports bar in Rapid City, South Dakota announced a policy banning Native People, saying she can’t tell the difference between a “good Indian” and a “bad Indian.” This isn’t 1950, and that’s not only racist and wrong — it’s against the law. We’re asking the Department of Justice to investigate this Constitutional violation and put a stop to it before others follow her bad lead.

Will you send a message to stand up against this blatant discrimination?

Additional Resources

Interesting and noteworthy finds


Lecture Series on the Silkwood Trial

Part 1: Introduction by Sara Nelson

Part 2: The Investigation

Part 3: The Trial

Part 4: Conclusion

Interested in hearing the full story of the Silkwood Trial? Join Danny and Sara in this 4-part deep dive lecture series they recorded as part of Danny’s recurring course at UC Santa Cruz, The Trajectory of Justice in America.


A Substantially Accurate' Drama About Karen Silkwood

Did you know that Karen Silkwood’s story was made into a movie in 1983, starring Meryl Streep, Kurt Douglas, and Cher? Silkwood, as it was named, follows Karen’s life up to her murder and captures many of the important details of her discoveries - enough to stir up some controversy when it was first released. The New York Times editorial board published a harsh review attacking the film soon after, but Christic Institute co-founder Fr. Bill Davis pushed back in the opinion piece you can read above.


The Paranoid style in the Supreme Court

This issue of the Harvard Law Review explores the extremist motivations that tie together the recent Supreme Court rulings that have shaken the nation.

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- Sara Nelson, Danny Sheehan, and the rest of the Convergence team

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