Convergence Newsletter June 2022


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A monthly video series of interviews with Romero staff and allies for in-depth reporting on our work.

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Laudato Si is just one call for recognizing our common humanity. In recent years, all the world's major religions have issued similar statements on the need for a global convergence of hearts. Yale has compiled these messages from our wisdom traditions on their website. Let them renew your hope and vigor in our united struggle! - S.N.

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You can change the world — and now is the time to do it. Your contributions will be doubled right now, thanks to the generosity of our angel donors! We must tackle the climate crisis head on, while we still can. That’s why your gift today is so important. Your generosity empowers the Romero Institute to win justice for Native communities and enact timely, tangible solutions for our planet. Thank you for standing with us!