The Work of the Romero Institute

The Romero Institute is an interfaith, nonprofit law and policy center based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Our mission is to advocate for the poor and oppressed by defending their rights through public education, grassroots organizing, leadership development, research, investigation, litigation, and public policy formulation.

We take our name from Óscar Arnulfo Romero, a former Catholic archbishop of El Salvador (1977-1980). Romero came to realize during the 1970s that government-sponsored death squads in his country were killing and disappearing those who stood up for their rights. He was assassinated for his activism.

The Romero Institute receives many appeals for help.

In determining which projects to support, we look for cases where injustice is severe and systemic; where the victims lack the financial resources to secure help from others; and where the goals for change will impact large numbers of people on a local, state, national or global level.

We embrace projects that ignite new ways of thinking and seeing—that touch the deeper knowing in people and promote a consciousness based on cooperation and unity rather than divisiveness and conflict.