50 Years on the







It Started with Silkwood

Our founders, Danny Sheehan and Sara Nelson, first met while seeking justice for Karen Silkwood. On November 13, 1974, Silkwood — a safety inspector with the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union — was run off the road in rural Oklahoma on her way to meet a New York Times reporter. She possessed damning evidence of safety violations at her workplace, a plutonium fuel rods plant.

Danny filed a lawsuit on behalf of Silkwood's children, and a coalition — including the National Organization for Women (where Sara served in leadership), the Jesuit Office of Social Ministries, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers Union — undertook a campaign to build support for the lawsuit. The jury in Silkwood v. Kerr-McGee awarded a record-setting $10.5 million judgement to Silkwood’s estate. The case established new precedent in liability law, and it effectively ended construction of all new nuclear power plants in the United States.

We're named for Saint Óscar Romero, Salvadoran archbishop and champion of the poor who was assassinated for opposing government-sponsored death squads.

The Christic Institute is Born

After the Silkwood verdict, Danny and Sara moved to Washington, D.C. and founded the Christic Institute.

Over the next 17 years, the Institute prosecuted and amplified some of the most celebrated public interest cases of our time, including the Iran-Contra Affair, Three Mile Island, and the American Sanctuary Movement. Together, they created a unique model for social reform in the United States.

"The real patriots are not the flag-waving arms dealers who have profited from drug-smuggling, but courageous men and women of the Christic Institute, who have worked to expose the truth about U.S. foreign policy despite threats and attempts at intimidation."

Corretta Scott King

The Romero Institute Today

Today, Danny and Sara continue their legacy of winning justice and mission to safeguard future generations at the Romero Institute. Your support empowers their continued presence at the forefront of the movement to protect people and planet.

Solving the Global Climate Emergency

We focus in California and the Dakotas on local and statewide solutions to confront the global climate crisis. In partnership with frontline communities, allied organizations, and you, we oppose pipelines and other toxic infrastructure, we amplify underrepresented voices, and we seek legal and policy remedies to help protect people and planet.

Providing Lakota-Run Kinship Care

We've opened a Native-run foster care home on the Standing Rock Nation, and will soon oversee a teen center there as well, providing the most vulnerable children on the reservation with safe spaces to learn, stay, and play.

"The Romero Institute has a proven track record of winning strategic victories for people and the planet, especially on issues that are critical to the public interest. Their courage, commitment, and moral leadership are needed now more than ever."

Dolores Huerta

Landmark Cases

The Christic Institute prevailed in the pursuit of justice for: